5 Reasons to hire a tutor during the COVID 19 Pandemic


Need a break from trying to teach your child the Common Core? Looking for a bit of help with your child's studies or maybe just want your kids to get off Fortnite or TikTok for an hour or two? Think Tank Academic Group is here to help.

As the novel Coronavirus, known as COVID 19, has overtaken the hospitals and airwaves, the world has become a very eerie place over the last 2 months. As scary as this can be for adults, especially teachers and parents of young children, it is 10x as ominous for the children of the globe. Children around the world have been ripped from the comfort of their daily routines, stripped of a fair amount of their naivety and innocence, and thrown into a 24 hour news cycle. Undoubtedly inundating them with vast amounts of information - and unfortunately MISinformation - while watching their parents clamor for answers to a problem that humanity has never faced prior. Schools are closed, businesses are closed and we all have begun to carry ourselves with an air of uncertainty.

 As such, this is a very trying time for many families. As the children are currently out of school, parents are burdened with the extra stress of helping their kids with their home school packets, and making sure they are prepared for the educational and intellectual pursuits that are to come once this all passes. This coupled with the fact that students tend to lose a lot of information during times like these.

 In fact, Johns Hopkins University has had many studies which show that students lose vast amounts of information when they have elongated breaks from school, such as summer break. The University even speculates that some children can lose up to 20% (special needs students may range up to 25%) of the information they learned throughout the school year.

We at Think Tank Academic Group not only empathize with you all as parents and caretakers, but also feel there are direct actions that can be taken to mitigate the stress on yourselves and your children, while preventing some of the loss of information that can take place during this difficult time.  Think Tank is currently offering remote tutoring sessions at discounted rates to help students and parents navigate the difficulties of the curriculum and continue to "keep the rust off".

Here are 5 reasons why it would be a good idea to enroll your student in a remote tutoring program.

  1.  Instilling a sense of normalcy
Children need us to instill routine and normalcy in their lives. School provides our children with a daily routine that they can emulate for the rest of their lives. We as parents, teachers and caretakers are their only source of this routine, and although tutoring would not give them 100% of that back, the pursuit of education is ingrained in our children, and has been since a very young age. With a few hours per week of dedicated tutoring time, it can truly help to take the students' minds off of the pandemic and also provide them with that sense of normalcy they are so used to. The State and Federal officials have mentioned continuously that children will need structure and routine to help them cope with this difficult experience. 
   2. Keeping the rust off 

As mentioned, many studies find that children lose significant amounts of information when they are not in school on a daily basis. They not only become rusty in their educational skills (writing, orating, deductive reasoning etc), but they also literally forget key pieces of foundational information that will help them to build toward their future educational goals. Tutoring can greatly alleviate this concern. 

   3. Taking stress off of parents and caretakers

While keeping the rust off, we are also giving parents and caretakers a break from the monotony that has become the "lockdown" of COVID 19. Even an hour long tutoring session can give Mom or Dad some time to do something positive for themselves - knowing that their child is being productive. This will undoubtedly alleviate stress on all parties! 

   4. Gaining ground while other kids are playing Fortnite 

Think Tank's tutors not only pursue academic growth, but also aim to provide productive, positive and engaging activities of all kinds for our students. With a vast amount of screen time and gaming on the horizon, your child could use additional time with a professional tutor/teacher who can keep them engaged, help them get their work done, and gain ground on their areas of need. 

   5. Providing Professional Teaching to help them work through their assignments

Let's face it, it's been a while since you were in school. Even if you happen to be Professor Emeritus, or Doctor of such and such... with schools in New England and elsewhere closed until May (or beyond), it may be helpful to have someone who is familiar with not only the information and various teaching techniques to deliver the curriculum to your student. Our tutors are prepared to help you push through the increasingly difficult material with less stress and more success. 

We offer English, Early Reading, Math, SAT, SSAT, Science, and all areas of K-12 Tutoring!

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