4 Essential Keys to Reading Comprehension

Here are 4 Essential Keys to aiding an Early Reader or struggling young student in increasing his or her comprehension abilities. These methods can be used by any parent or teacher, but are best employed with the consistent routine, frequent practice and depth of skill possessed by a qualified and experienced Early Reading professional.

Review for fluency and comp: Reading Fluency can develop in many ways, but often the best technique is to review previously read material. This practice will undoubtedly enhance comprehension by reiterating the theme and concept of the story as a model for future reading, but will also develop familiarity with word composition and create further fluency in the reading.
Step by Step learning: Try not to skip too far ahead. It is important to challenge and intrigue your young reader with more difficult and expansive material, however it is important to work through each facet of the reading process, in order to solidify your reading foundation and precisely learn the fundamentals.
Oral Reading: Reading aloud is one of the best tools for learners of any age. As english is a “read ahead” language, the ability to read aloud pushes a young reader to stay a step ahead of the words, and allows your child’s teacher or tutor to carefully observe strengths and weaknesses in fluency - which is a large component of Early Comprehension. This is especially effective when reading stories that require pacing, tone and intonation, such as Dr. Seuss.

Model the patterns: Parents,Tutors and Teachers alike should always model the reading patterns they would like a child to undertake. Often an early reader’s abilities can be enhanced by reinventing his or her “reading voice”, which later provides for one's inner monologue and ability to comprehend internally. It is important to not only read to your child or student with enthusiasm, but to exchange page by page, and paragraph by paragraph, so that proper the frame of reference can be established.

Blake X. Curry M.A.L.S.
Early Reading Specialist - Special Education Tutor - K-8 Specialist
Think Tank Academic Group
At Think Tank Academic Group our tutors specialize in K-12 Tutoring and school planning. We provide the North Central MA and Southern New Hampshire communities with individualized learning plans for Early Readers and K-3 learners of all kinds. By utilizing these fluency and comprehension methods in our K-3 comprehension courses, we have seen great success in our Early Reading programs.

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