Think Tank's Homeschool Coaching Program


Think Tank has been providing Homeschool coaching and tutoring services for over 5 years, and we are prepared and excited to provide Homeschool learning opportunities for students of all ages and abilities K-12 .

As 2020 has been a year of changes in the world of academics, so comes a big change in the world of private tutoring services and centers like Think Tank. As we are a K-12 learning center with a strong staff of tutors, advocates and curriculum experts, we are capable of making this transition during COVID19 and providing parents with a customized curriculum and academic coaching to suit their student's and family's needs. 

We are excited to offer many new and innovative learning opportunities through our "Homeschool Coaching" programs. These programs are best suited for students who need help in guiding them through homeschool and remote learning curricula and/or those who need a more hands on approach to their learning experience during the difficulties of COVID19. 

Our Programs will offer unique learning opportunities, assignments, presentations, evaluations and assessments for both students and parents alike, and will adhere to State and National curriculum guidelines depending on your jurisdiction. 

The process: 

a) All of our programs will begin with an Academic Assessment. This assessment will allow us to know where to begin a student's lesson plan. It will provide our team with the opportunity to learn more about your student's strengths and weaknesses in order to give you our recommendations on online learning curricula that might suit your student's needs. This will also provide us more insight into your child's personality, learning style, strengths and weaknesses pertaining to grade level exercises etc.. 

b) Homeschool coaching programs will have several options and variations depending on a student's and family's needs. 

For example, some students might already be enrolled in a private or public homeschool education program. Think Tank will help coach that student through the curriculum laid out by that program by scheduling short, 30 minute "check in" visits. The frequency and intensity of these visits will be determined by the student's level of need.

 Or in other instances where parents would like something even more customized, Think Tank will provide a full curriculum, entirely catered to the student and their family's academic goals. This option might include weekly assignments, grades, and tests with a customized grade level curriculum in all major subjects. With our assessment and evaluation paperwork, we will lay out the specific options we can provide for your family

c) We will open the program by offering virtual tutoring and online modules and look to move to hybrid models as State openings and safety guidelines allow. This will also depend on tutor's and family's comfort level in regards to in person sessions. 

d) Think Tank will consult Parents/Caretakers in providing the appropriate advocacy information for students who are choosing homeschool or remote learning options. 

e) Tuition will be based of several factors including, but not limited to: amount of coaching/tutoring necessary, goals of parents/caretakers/students, curriculum expectations at your school or in your jurisdiction, advocacy

The curriculum: 

a) We tutor students from across the globe! We can customize any learning plan to meet the needs and standards of your jurisdiction, school system, or curriculum!

b) Think Tank covers all core subjects K-12! Math, English, Science, Social Studies and more! We are always able to bring in more tutors and specialists to meet your core and elective needs. 

c) We also have guidance and administrative consultants who work directly with Think Tank to advise students on IEPs, 504 Plans, School Choice and Placement needs, Guidance, College Acceptance and more!

More info?:

For more information, please fill out the contact form below and we would love to speak to you or email you with further information! We are here to help! 

Warmest Regards, 

The Think Tank Team