Think Tank Academics offers K-12 Student Support and Tutoring Services. We also Specialize in Test Prep of all kinds, as well as  many community based Educational Services.

 The rate charged for your family's particular program is dependent on many factors such as: 

- Level of Commitment and Length of Program 
- Staff and Specialists needed to accomplish your educational goals
- Supplies pertaining your classes with Think Tank 
- The results of your initial academic assessment. 

*All Think Tank Academic Programs Begin with a full Academic Assessment. 
 Our Courses are Customized to meet your current academic needs and to review and solidify any gap areas of concern from parents, teachers or tutors. 

    Special Education (K-12) 

      -     Customized 504 and IEP Plan suggestions
      -     Personal Representation at Schools (Public and Private)
      -     Special Education Tutoring and Remediation
      -     Enhanced Summer learning

     Math (K-12, Adult and Collegiate) 

-          Early Math/Arithmetic
-          Integrated Math – Algebra/Geometry
-          Mathematic Fluency
-          Advanced MATH -  Pre Calculus & Calculus
-          MCAS MATH
-          SAT MATH

    ELA/Writing (K-12, Adult and Collegiate) 

-          Early Reading & Fluency (K-2)
-          Early Comprehension & Writing (K-3)
-          Grammar & Structure (2-12)
-          Middle/High School Essay Writing & Advanced Writing
-          ELA Comp & Fluency (4-12)
-          Shakespeare
-          AP LANG/ LIT
-          SAT ENGLISH

SOCIAL STUDIES (4-12, Collegiate) 

-          Social Studies (3-8)
-          History Review/Paper Writing
-          American/World Studies (9-12)
-          Sociology/Psychology
-          Street Law
-          Law and Government
-          Research Papers

     SCIENCE (K-12, Adult and Collegiate)

-          Earth and Basic Science
-          Biology
-          Chemistry
-          Astronomy (High School)
-          Programming and Computer Science
-          Graphic Design
-          Web Design
-          MCAS Science
-          MCAS Technology
-          3D design

Think Tank Scientific: 

-      Science Study Groups (K-12) 
-      Educational Chemistry/Biology/Energy Presentations (K-8)
-      Interactive Science Workshops  (K-12) 
-      After School Programs (K-12) 

     TEST PREP: (Standardized Tests, Entrance Exams, etc) 

-     PSAT/SAT/ACT (All Subjects and Tests)
-     SSAT/Secondary School Entrance
-     Entrance Essay/College Application
-     All MCAS and State tests (K-10) 
      -     Parcc Test
      -     All AP Exams 

     Family Educational Support and Academic Consultation for:

-          School meetings and school intervention
-          Parent Education of Common Core
-          School curriculum consultation (both Public & Private school availability)
-          Secondary School Decision Process
-          Collegiate Decision Process and School Visits


-          Homework Help and Homework Club
-          Study Skills and Study Habits
-          Music Production
-          Test Proctoring