6 Benefits of Think Tank Academics vs Traditional Tutor

We specialize in tutoring and remediation and pride ourselves at providing the tailored customization of a personal tutor, together with the broader resources of our full service learning center.

To discuss these aspects further, here are:

6 Benefits of Think Tank Academics vs Traditional Tutor:

1) Think Tank’s Unique Student Assessments – Many private tutors just begin teaching wherever they feel a student should be, and then attempt to retroactively fill in gaps. Think Tank’s immensely successful learning programs always begin with a full Assessment and Enrollment Conference, to determine where a student’s skills truly are in relationship to their current level of education, and to provide an opportunity to discuss each family's long term educational goals. Think Tank uses these unique Assessments to analyze strengths/weaknesses and create a plan of individualized, prescriptive instruction.  

2) Peer Integration – Think Tank offers the opportunity to work with a student’s peers and improve in the social aspect of learning as well as the academic aspect. As we see with certain Reading and Math programs, a student often finds more benefit in a small group where answers and questions can be reflected by a peer in common language. Thus, we see wonderful results with Peer Assisted Learning and it is often a large component of our remediation process.

3) Multiple Teachers for each Student – Think Tank offers 1 on 1 time and group activities with several of our teachers with expertise in a particular area, as well as concentrated time with a preferred tutor. This is a large advantage over programs and systems who work only with the same tutor frequently.

4) Think Tank’s Proven Learning Programs- Think Tank Academic Group utilizes proven methods which have resulted in a 99% success rate in both Classroom Grade Growth and Test Prep score increases. We chart these programs continuously and update parents weekly on their student's progress.

5) Think Tank’s Elite Tutors – As a result of Think Tank’s successful programs and learning methods, we employ and promote only the BEST tutors in our respective disciplines. Our tutors are State and Franchise Certified and are required to pass their certifications to teach both Math and Reading up to a minimum 8th grade level in both subjects. Each of our teachers is a specialist in a particular area of learning, and we purposely hire experts in the areas of Early Childhood Reading, K-8 development, High School Mathematics, High School Literature, Writing, AP Math, Special Education, and many more to facilitate our customized K-12 programs. We also employ SAT, SSAT, ASVAB, ACT and other test specialists to complement our Math and Reading Experts in their respective areas and to offer a diverse set of options for your Academic pursuits.

6) Dedicated Learning Environment – We speak to many parents who are well qualified to tutor their son or daughter, and others who have a friend or relative who might be able to coach a student in the right direction, but continually there is something missing in the equation. In our eyes, the missing component is the environment and space dedicated to learning. Think Tank provides a positive, dedicated learning atmosphere, filled with successful, enthusiastic educators who are anxious to share their expertise and help the children of their local community. We work to fill the gap in communication between the child’s school and parents, and our facilities are designed to have a relaxed, calm setting where the student feels free to open their mind to the possibilities of education, but is not distracted by the hustle and bustle of a school, or the temptations to relax at home.

At Think Tank Academics of Fitchburg, we have a team of educators with very diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our staff includes Department Heads, Teachers and private tutors from Lunenburg, Leominster, Fitchburg, and the surrounding Private Schools, and our own Think Tank Guidance staff.

We provide full service educational services, specialize in tutoring and educational advocacy for families of Massachusetts, and offer academic assessments and consultations of all kinds.

We want our students to succeed, and therefore you have our commitment to hire only the Elite Learning Specialists in our region. We do so with a stringent interview process including thorough background checks, and reference inquiries, to ensure Your Student is excelling in a safe and positive environment. We monitor our Teachers for the first 80 hours of their employment, to help them improve their approach to this new atmosphere and methodology, so that they can help your student succeed in academics, like the thousands of students and families we have helped over the years.

We believe in doing things with an open mind and a hopeful heart, but always have a plan of action as we
Assess, Strategize and Accomplish the Academic Goals of the thousands of families we've worked with.

Please contact us today to discuss Tutoring, Advocacy, Parent Learning, or Test Preparation in any of the subjects we offer.


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