Think Tank Scientifics - Interactive, Fun Science

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An interactive science program for ages K-8! 
Hands on Science Presentations to meet the needs of the children of today!


Think Tank Scientifics strives to provide STEM Education principles in a fun, interactive, and engaging manner for learners of all ages!  Through exciting demonstrations, applications, and hands-on experiences, we seek to inspire children of our community and contribute to their understanding of Science. Think Tank aims to spread the word that SCIENCE IS FUN and also USEFUL!

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This month's experiments!

Lights, Sounds, FREQUENCY!
What IS light?  What is sound?  
Explore these forms of energy
that are as strange as they are
important to our every day life.
 (Great for ages 4-7.)

Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire
Learn a smattering of!
 This show explores matter
& some of its properties
including weight, density,
forces, and chemical
(Great for ages 8-12.)

Phrantic Physics!
Science makes us move!  
Learn about physics; the
science of matter and energy,
through dazzling demonstrations
including a singing pipe, a flying
potato, and a human-powered generator
for children to try themselves!  
(Great for all ages.)